Travis (tearak) wrote,

A return to the civilized world,
to bakers, grocers, lawyers and such.
Are we prepared to face the cold
when such great warmth lay behind us?

Blarg, stupid mosquito bites.  went camping, and I think they'd pass over people just to get to me.  Should I be worried or perhaps take it as a compliment?  Being tasty ain't nothing to sneeze at ;)  The rest though was most enjoyable.  Conversed with many great people I hope to remain in contact with.  Great fires and peaceful groves, whispering lakes and spinning stars. 

A little quiet time out in the woods, give you time to think, to rumble over your life and the choices you've made, give a little editing to how you do things.  I saw the hermit in my heart, the shadowed miser who sneers and scoffs, with walls built around his home that keep himself in as much as others out.

How, I wonder, if we desired something in ourselves to be a certain way, can we change it, knowing that we don't want to?

How, when looking out the window at the bright and shinning day, could we feel anything but optimistic?  It is a joyous feeling, but never stays.  perhaps I can bottle same, to save for a gloomy day.  

Oh, and if anyone asks, I was never here.
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