Travis (tearak) wrote,

Three years. I've decided three years, maybe a bit more. That's how long my memory lasts. anything past that leaves Memory and turns into Fact. I havn't figured out the exact exchange rate yet, but that's close enough. Guess it gives me motivation to write here more often.

I'm in the midsts of a crazy busy couple of weeks, with is pretty surprising as I'm only part time employed with almost no social life. Things just kinda snuck up on me, all of a sudden *BOOM* I actualy have to schedule stuff so things won't conflict. Crazy.
The highlight of this week was the Rain Dance yesterday. Very fun, quite productive too. Pulled a muscle in my leg from the dancing, but its almost healed, and was quite worth it.

I've been on a new music kick for the last week or so. Not new to the world music, just new to me, as that's a much larger category :) True, there are always new songs coming out, but there are ten times that number of musicians whom I've never heard of and yet would enjoy. Its a bit tough, trying to shift through the dross, the indistinguishable, and the stuff that's even too weird for me, but more than a few gems have risen to the surface, so I'd say its productive.

The increased activity these past weeks have re-united me with some old friends I'd long since thought too far gone to be acquainted with and other who I'd not seen in a month or two but with my track record I keep expecting it to be longer. Though this has filled me with a comforting sense of nostalgia for re-connecting, it also bring on a sort of sadness for the ones who I've little hope of ever seeing again. There are even some who are in the area, yet with conflicting schedules and lives it may be many more months till we reconnect. I sometimes wonder if it'd be easier to go back and be a hermit :D

Sticks and stones may break your bones
when there's anger to inpart.
Spiteful words can hurt your feelings
but silence breaks your heart.
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