Travis (tearak) wrote,

gaaah, stupid daylight. Sunburn....painful! got an ugly one yesterday consisting of my face, arms and neck. While its fading now, that reddish tone doesn't seem to go away, especially that red 'V' at the top of my chest which is quite noticeable when compared to the whitish skin normally covered by my shirt. Afterwards I'd smacked myself in the head for not remembering sunscreen, and today applied it to the effected areas, fully confident that I'd be protected. unfortunately, remember how warm it was yesterday, I also wore shorts. So, while yesterday's sunburned areas were not adversely effected and can continue their healing process, my legs burn like a sonofabitch! Its amazing, I can actually feel my skin burning, even after hours have passed.
I recently made the association of a fellow I was assisting who is a handyman by occupation, which has him spending the majority of his work hours outside. Adding to the fact that the normally hidden parts of his skin are quite fair, and his hair is as red is mine, I got a rather ugly glimpse at what my skin could look like in twenty plus years with continued excess sun exposure. It ain't pretty. the burns aren't bad, or health risking, just kinda painful and discoloring. Hrm, I guess this is more about ascetics (rather than health) than I thought. Okay, I admit, I've got some vanity....just a little though :)
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