Travis (tearak) wrote,

Dammit, how hard do I have to dance for some rain around here?!

Been an interesting few days. Had the 10 year memorial for my uncle on early Sat. Amazing how time flies past us. Still, good to see the family and folks that came down, its always an adventure with them :) Visited Ade while I was at the cemetery, always comforting to say 'Hi' when I'm in the area.

Spent the rest of the day being productive, warming the Kim's house by the standard method, it hasn't failed us so far. Plus its easier and much less complicated that some of the others ways ;)

Sunday was a blast. Helped provide some of the musical support for a group of belly dancers, wish I'd gotten some pictures but I get distracted far too easily. It would have interrupted the rhythm anyways, plus I know I saw someone taking pics, I just gotta track 'em down.

Monday had its usually drain, but the evening event proved to be uplifting. Still have to check out Dark Knight before everyone spoils it for me. mabye sometime this week

Attempting to carve a small wooden dog, far more difficult than I originally surmised. Still an interesting experience

And that's the excitment for the week.
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